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One Gear, No Breaks


One Gear, No Breaks: Lori-Ann Muenzer's Ride to Belief, Belonging, and a Gold Medal

A race or journey to success is made up of a series of defining moments.

At 38 years of age, Lori-Ann was the underdog in cycling at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

In a cycling career that spanned twenty years, Lori-Ann has seen it all. The glory of winning more than a dozen national titles, but there have been defeats and injuries too.

At any point in her cycling career, Lori-Ann could have decided the effort to continue competitive cycling was too much.

Instead of quitting, she raised the bar and decided to qualify for the Olympic Games in Athens. And won gold!

Lori-Ann’s story of personal challenges, physical setbacks, and unbelievable drive for success earned Lori-Ann Canada’s first-ever Olympic Gold medal in cycling. And a permanent place in the history books.

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One Gear, No Breaks is Lori-Ann Muenzer’s exhilarating, straight-from-the-heart, and no-holds-barred message about motivation, discipline, and what it means to believe in a dream. . . but mostly about believing in yourself.

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Lori-Ann Muenzer

Cycling is about success and disasters, overcoming pain and adversity thresholds, and the pursuit of speed. At 38 years old, two-time Olympian Lori-Ann Muenzer made history as she took on the world to win Canada’s 1st Olympic Gold Medal in cycling at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. 

As a cycling ambassador, Lori-Ann continues to share her passion and extensive wealth of cycling knowledge.  She teaches indoor cycling classes and empowers youth in L.A.M.P (the Lori-Ann Muenzer Program) introducing young athletes to advanced cycling techniques and skills, teaching specific safety rules, and fostering a love for the sport of cycling. 

Lori-Ann lives in Edmonton, Alberta.


Karl R. Wilberg

Karl Wilberg is a published author and retired lawyer who is a one-time holder of four Canadian cycling records.  He lives with his wife and three boys in Edmonton.

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