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The Importance of Celebrating Wins

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WINS come in the form of rocks. A little one and a big one.

This weekend I was at a 3-day conference on visioning and planning. I knew it was going to exceed my expectations, however it “exceeded-exceeded” my expectations!

There were a couple of round tables where we did a lot of mastermind. The results were astounding! And they kept growing and growing as we fed off of each other’s ideas, thoughts, and feedback.

Just like you and me, we all have busy full lives that are filled with immediate family, extended family, carpooling, jobs, work, careers, multiple jobs, after-school programs, online schooling for more designations, and multiple other things going.

So what do wins, rocks, and masterminding all have in common?

Masterminding is the fastest way to bounce ideas off trusted like-minded people, receive bigger and better ideas, get feedback, shorten timelines, and create the success you want.

WINS come in all shapes and sizes and at various times. Usually when we least expect them or maybe, not at all these days.

And then there are the rocks. Do you know about the rocks?

Imagine you had 6 rocks in various shapes and sizes. Think about the biggest rock as your number 1 priority and the littlest rock as your lowest or last priority. 

When we put the rocks in order of size, largest to small, there’s something about that line-up that makes you breathe easier.

And then there’s the jar. Think about this jar like your work or your family or your health or any area you’re working on.

We tend to put the little or medium rocks into the jar first, and when we go to put the big rock in we’ve run out of room! A lot of times we end up running our work and lives like this.

Put the big rock in first, then the second biggest rock (you know where I’m going with this!), and so on… with ALL of the rocks fitting into the jar. You can even put the lid on it, transport it to another important area of your life, dump them all out, and do it again!

When we put the big rock in first we can really create amazing efforts and results –this is our number 1 priority to be focusing on. 

Make sure to always keep 1 little pebble out. This represents a task that will take you 5 minutes or less to accomplish. 


There’s “that feeling” that comes from accomplishing something easy or hard or sort of in the middle. 

We all crave this feeling, and by starting off with a quick speedy win, you’re already in the game and bound to be way more motivated and inspired to keep going! 

And by working on the big rock, your number 1 priority, you can get the WIN you are wanting.

WINS come in the form of rocks. 

What have you lined up for today and this week?

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